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College Management Software in India

College Management Software in India

Features of the college management software

The college management system has certain features that rely on modern technological means. The characteristics of our system are appropriate to fulfill the needs of the college authorities and enhance the process. These features of our college management software in Kolkata are mainly based on the following:-

College Management Software in India

User Management Permission

The college authority can control the amount of access with the users regarding the resources of your college management system.

College Management Software in Kolkta, India

College Academic Calendar Creation

You can create your college academic calendar providing the details of important dates for your college through the college management software, India.

College Management System

College Routine Creation

You can create a college routine section according to the requirements of your college. Using the college management software, you can make your respective college routine.

Student Management Software for College

Subject wise Class Creation

Your college has the liberty to create different tabs or classes according to the subjects offered in the college for a better understanding of the users.

College Management Software India

All Type of Master Creation

A college management software enables you to create different sections for castes, subjects, classes, etc so that whenever the users are filling any form, they can automatically get the options.

College Management Software Demo

Student inquiry management

You can keep a separate tab for student inquiries where you will be able to acknowledge issues of the students and solve them quickly.

College Admission Management Software

Online admission

You can carry out admission procedures online for your college without telling the student to come physically through college management software.

College Management Software India

Student Document Upload

The college authority can allow the students to upload their essential documents safely for admission or other purposes using the student management software for college.

College Management Software

I-card Creation

You can create I-cards for the respective students of a particular session using the software. The students can get them without being present physically in the college.

College Online and Offline fees Collection

Online and Offline fees Collection

A college management software system allows you to provide all details regarding fees and construct a gateway for online transactions. People can also give the fees offline after seeing the details.

College Online and Offline fees Collection

Report Generation

The college can publish all the reports or mark sheets online and provide the students with specific details to check them. This way, students can get their results sitting at home.

College Admission Management Software

Staff Management

The board members can manage the working of their staff by creating a separate tab where they can upload their daily tasks. This helps the authorities to keep a track of the organization 24*7.

College Admission Management Software

Full Accounts

All the details of various procedures can be stored digitally at a separate tab; this allows you to access them wherever you want without any hassle.

COLLEGE-M silver

Rs: 39000 (18%GST exclusive) COLLEGE-M GOLD

  • Single User

  • Full college management System

  • online and Offline Admission system

  • Full student Report

  • Unique Student personal dashboard

  • 5 GB Cloud SSD & Free Damion

  • Online Payment Integration

  • No online Exam system

  • 1000 students

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Rs: 52000 (18%GST exclusive) COLLEGE-M GOLD

  • Single User

  • Full college management System

  • online and Offline Admission system

  • Full student Report

  • Unique Student personal dashboard

  • 10 GB Cloud SSD & Free Damion

  • Online Payment Integration

  • online Exam system

  • unlimited students

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College Management Software India

Student Management Software for College

We give you great and effective college management software that you can utilize for conducting several college activities from anywhere without wasting any time or effort. Our college management software, India, is easily accessible and will create a good image of your college whenever a person avails of the benefits of the software.

College Management software Demo

Why choose us for
the best college management software in Kolkata, India?

Certain features distinguish us from other companies providing college management software and website layouts. We provide you with the best college management software in Kolkata, India, that makes your college proceedings fast and effective. We provide you with these benefits at a low cost, for your college to reduce your effort and time wastage. You can customize the software according to your wish and requirements. Our college management software allows you to utilize modern technology to streamline your college activities. Our software will ensure that you can keep a track of your institution and circulate valuable information anytime.

College Management System

College Management Software Demo

WebsLayout provides you with a 30-day free college management software demo so that you can check if you are comfortable with it or not and whether it fits your expectations. This special opportunity that we provide is to ensure that our clients are happy with their decision of choosing us always.

College Management System


Presently, the conditions prevailing require you to be technologically strong to sustain, so use our college management software for your college to carry on your work with ease. This time, quite hard work, and go for some smart work!

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Asked Questions

In the end, among various reasons, what makes us a top website development company in Kolkata is our unnerving commitment

1 What is college management system?

A college management software is a cloud-based ERP software which allows higher education institutions and colleges to manage online admission, student attendance, online fees, grades assignments, library books, grades, grades, etc.

2 Why do we need college management system?

The college management software allows colleges and higher education to manage their enrollment, students, faculty, attendance and fees. It produces automated reports that cover all aspects of data-driven decision making.

3 What is a student database management system?

A student database management system isAutomation of manual performance record managementThis allows the user to access all data from any location and at any time via internet. ... Administrators can make changes to student academic and personal information.

4 What are online exams?

An online exam, also known as e-Exam, is a great way to conduct tests and other important exams using the internet. Online exams require a device that can access the internet, such as a computer or smartphone. This can either be done at an examination centre or at your home.

5 How do online exams work?

can create and add questions to such an exam system. You can choose between multiple choice questions ,fill in the blanks or free text questions. Students are given a link to the online exam. They can sign up and take the exam.

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