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app development company in kolkata

App Development Company in Kolkata

Webslayout is The Best Software Making Company in Kolkata

With an extensive track record of delivering brilliantly innovative software and mobile apps, we at Webslayout, have the right expertise for developing any piece of enterprise-grade software or app from scratch. With our innovative and groundbreaking ideas in the web & app development industry, our unrivaled team of app developers can create, design, test, and publish smart phone apps for all major platforms – whether Android, iOS, or both. Before our ideas are brought into reality, we discuss with our potential clients and try to connect with their customers in better ways.

Our App Development Service Expertise Includes

Being an acclaimed software and app development agency in Kolkata , we have expanded our areas of expertise for serving any industry that might benefit from the years of training and experience of our software and app developers.

Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

App Consulting

Our software and app development experts understand your ideas, requirements, and goals. And thus, with growth strategies, monetization, technology insights, and risk analysis, we offer an in-depth estimate for the scope of work.

Android App Development Company in Kolkata

Custom Software Development

Whether an enterprise or SME, we convert our client’s requirements, develop, test, and offer an advanced approach with the latest technologies focusing on building their scalable, secure, and custom-centric software & app solutions.

Mobile App Development Agency in Kolkata, India

Software Development Outsourcing

With our software development outsourcing services, we improve business agility, brand awareness, and efficiency by developing cutting-edge mobile and web applications for workflow management, CRM, and ERP management.

Mobile App Development Agency in Kolkata, India

Cloud Application Development

We are one of the first software development agencies in Kolkata that have realized the scopes of cloud computing. Thus, our latest development offering also includes custom-built cloud applications for enterprises and businesses.

App Developer in Kolkata

Software Product Development

Whether you are looking for SaaS products or custom applications for managing your enterprise, we provide complete sets of services around the development, update, maintenance, and support of enterprise-grade custom software.Webslayout is the custom software development company in kolkata .

Best Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

Mobile Application Development

The futures of mobile application, especially on the Android and iOS platform are bright. Various businesses seek varied options of mobile apps, and Webslayout has featured popular mobile app solutions for helping companies to grow.

Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

Which Latest Technologies Do
We Use for Software Development Services?

We, at Webslayout, always try to excel from other software development services in Kolkata by keeping our team on the verge of emerging technologies. All our developers are kitted out with latest equipment that assists them in developing, debugging, and publishing apps, alongside their years of skills in software and app programming.
• PHP: Our programming language of choice is PHP which is considered as the most efficient scraping language.
• CodeIgniter: From handling bugs and stability issues, to enhancing security, CodeIgniter is just remarkable.
• Python: Fewer lines of codes, still amazing sets of functionality from Python; the most reputed coding script.
• JAVA: This classic, object-oriented programming language is just the sheer veteran that can handle any work.
• React JS: With JAVA supporting its backbone, React JS is unrivaled for dynamic web applications and security.

Android App Development Company in Kolkata

Why Should You Choose Us for
Software Development company in Kolkata?

With 10 years of experience across hundreds of software development platforms, our team here at Webslayout has received extensive training in software and app development. Our streamlined business process, our dedication to our client’s goals, and our skills are what testified as the best custom software development company in Kolkata.

Best Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

We provide free cold storage software
in Kolkata, Indiaa

We will offer you a demo of our cold storage software for free before you hire us. Our cold storage software demo is for users who want to test before use and to understand how it works. In Kolkata, we are one of the best warehouse management software providers.

We Analyze Your Requirements

The journey of the best software development company in Kolkata starts around an effective idea pitched by our trusted clients. Once we analyze your innovative ideas, we implement the best resources for your business goals.

Market Research & Planning

An essential part of our development efforts goes in brainstorming ideas finding the potential audience, and gaining as much information about your target market before we start developing, testing, and publishing your application.

Software Testing

No bugs, no stability issues, no excessive resource consumption on low-end devices! We minutely test, debug and optimize all features of your custom application for making sure it’s working more than as intended before publishing.

Bug Fixing & Stability Improvements

The thorough application testing protocol we follow, here at WebsLayout, are unlike anything you will find in Kolkata or nearby. Our talented developers never miss out on any unfixed bugs, stability issues, or performance drawbacks.

Delivery& Optimization

Even after we have successfully delivered and launched your software or app, our team doesn't stop putting in efforts. We periodically check user feedbacks and queries while going through suggestions which customers have provided.

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Asked Questions

1 Which company is best for app development?

Emizen Tech.

2 How much does it cost to create an app?

with an extensive range from Rs.21000 to over Rs.500000

3 Is mobile app development profitable?

Look at the differences between Android and iOS purchases. The difference between the iOS and Android purchases is staggering. Both platforms account for 98% above of market share. However, Android alone holds 82.7%. 16% earn more than $6,000 per month through their mobile apps, while 27% of iOS developers make more than $6,000 through app earnings.

4 Can your company provide online support?

Yes, we can provide online support.

5 Can your company Developed Apple and android app?
Yes. We can provide Apple and android app.

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