The 5 Best Restaurant POS software India of 2021-22

The majority of restaurant owners point to the high cost of food and operating as obstacles for their profits as per Webslayout’s Restaurant Success report. Restaurants, in turn, utilize the point-of-sale (POS) software to monitor the inventory, process payments and analyse sales. Furthermore, using best restaurant pos software India, restaurant owners are able to efficiently manage their staff, take online orders and strive to extract every bit of profit from every operational rupees.To discover the very best among the top, we analyzed over 100 of the top POS equipment for food establishments. To narrow our choices we looked at plans with features, features, and hardware choices. Additionally, we searched for products that provide additional services and lots of customer assistance. These are our top choices.

restaurant management software india

1. Fudu (webslayout)

2. SlickPOS

3. GoFrugal

4. POSist.

5. inresto

1.webslayout – The best restaurant pos software india helps owners of restaurants to streamline their processes on a technological level. The software helps owners optimize the work of their restaurant. It integrates all the elements essential to the success of a particular restaurant. It provides the tools you need to utilize to handle food delivery, billing, table reservations, calls and many other. Our restaurant management software india gives you all of these features that will allow you to service your customers efficiently. Restaurant Pos software makes sure that you meet the demands of your clients without delays or obstacles.

webslayouts’ FUDU Restaurant POS Software Features

1. Touch Screen POS

2. Auto Cloud Backup

3. E-invoicing

4. Restaurant KOT (kitchen order tickets)

5. Restaurant Book and Table Swipe

6. Restaurant Inventory Management

7. Home Delivery

8. Easy and Quick Billing

9. Restaurant Multiple Payment Mode

10. All Report

11. Cook Performance Report

12.. Full Accounts

2. SlickPOS –

SlickPOS Restaurant POS Software Features

1. Cloud POS

2. Works Offline

 3. Use Any Device

.4. Accept Bookings

 5. Table Management

 6.Kitchen Orders (KOT)

.7. Cashiers & Managers

8. Multiple Outlets

9. API Integration

3. GoFrugal

Key Features of Gofrugal’s Restaurant Management Software –

Restaurant Point of Sale

2. online ordering and delivery

3. Data Back-up and Security

4. Production and Recipe management

5. CRM and Loyalty

6. Business Intelligence

4. POSist.

POSist’s premium restaurant management software is equipped with a variety of sophisticated features for managing restaurants specifically for fine Dining restaurants.

POSist Restaurant POS Software Features

1. Tablet Billing

2. Split Billing

3. Online Table Reservation

4. Feedback Management

5. Server App

6. Integrated CRM

7. Waiter Performance Management

5.inresto  –

Inresto is a one-stop tech solution that allows restaurateurs to effectively manage their business. In our B2B division of Dineout We offer catering services to all F&B establishment’s front and back-end house events


How We Chose the best restaurant management software india

After examining nearly 100+ of POS solutions, the following seven made our top list of the best restaurant pos software india. We analyzed the individual plans, features and the hardware to evaluate their overall cost. We also weighed in additional services and connections that pertain to particular categories, such as loyalty programs or bar services. Of course, customer service is crucial for owners of restaurants and we made sure that all our top choices had top-quality customer assistance.

What Are the Expected Costs of a POS System for Restaurants?

If the device you’re using is POS terminal the initial costs for equipment could be costly. Because most restaurants require several printers for front and back of home services you’ll have to calculate the costs for these services as well. Fortunately, the majority of POS service providers provide credit or payment plans to reduce the initial cost. The monthly costs and fees comprise:

Monthly  fudu POS software costs: Free to $100+ per month

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